Friday, October 7, 2016

Sea Glass

I have been collecting sea glass for many years.

Walking along the beach, these beautiful treasures can be found along the shoreline, tossed up by the tides.
There's also a peacefulness, calm from the waves and the joy of not knowing what will we find on the shores. 

Sea glass is formed from bottles, jars, dishes, pottery and other glass that have ended up in the sea, broken and tumbled over the years, in the waves of the ocean.

Good quality pieces are frosted with no sharp edges, the result of many years of tossing and tumbling in the rough waters of the sea.

Sea glass is becoming harder to find because of plastics and recycling.

Years ago before garbage was being picked up, residents used the woods/forest and beach for a place to dump their trash. 

Around the 1960s plastics came into being, replacing glass bottles, dishes and jars. 

Therefore the finding of sea glass is diminishing.

I am sharing my collection.....

I was lucky to find an orange...
If you look closely beside the orange piece at the bottom,
You'll see a clear yellow piece.

 Shades of whites

 Shades of aqua and light blues and greens.
This large piece of aqua below, 
 looks like it could be
part of an "Insulator".

 Green, the most plentiful color to find

Beautiful Blue, the rarest color to find....

 Brown with some brownish green

 Green pieces with marks, most are pieces of jar tops, bottle necks and bottoms.

Pottery - aren't they pretty?
The blue and green below ~ jadeite fire king dishware.
Dishes and pottery with some milk glass pieces.
Bone, slate and tiles.

 Bottle Bottoms

 I keep them in mason jars on a window sill.

Pretty with the sun shining through.....

The term "Sea Glass" is glass found in salt water
and "Beach Glass" is found in fresh water.


We also find agate stone on the beach.
I haven't collected many agate.
Their colours blend in with the rocks
making them hard to spot.

I must confess that I found most of these below, 
at a flea market.
Can you imagine someone spent a lot of time 
to find these, only to have 
them end up at a flea market.

I was the fortunate one to get them for $2.00.

Agate is a semi-precious gemstone.
 A mineral of the quartz family.
 It can be found in many colors.
 Used for craft, arts and jewelry making.

 Agate is translucent.  
If we hold it up to the sun, we can see through it.
~The treasures of tides and time~

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One of my favourite beaches nearby is Fauvel Beach.

I met this amazing lady on Instagram,  Deacon Ritterbush (axa Dr. Beachcomb). 
She participates in an annual International Beachcombing Conference each year. She has collected from around the world and has a great knowledge on treasures of the sea. 
For more on Dr. Beachcomb, click here.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

September Garden Tour

Summer is fading away, sadly.
Days are getting shorter and cooler,
 and darkness comes way too early. 

I am sharing some photos from my September garden. 

Nasturtiums are glowing in September.
This flower I start from seed each year.
We've had a lot of rain this summer
which was good for flowers and gardens.

Red, yellow and orange.

For more on nasturtiums, 
check out my previous blog post 
click here.

adds sunshine to any garden. 

Coneflower or Echinacea 

Tamarisk Shrub
A dainty feathery shrub 

Love~Lies~Bleeding or Amaranthus 
I started from seed also.
Planted in an old barrel.
 This plant can grow from 3 to 5 ft. tall.
 Those red panicles hanging down are all seed.
They make nice dried flowers.
(That's a cucumber plant growing out of the barrel)

An amazing plant...

for the first time, 
 and I'm pleased at all the colors and varieties.


Isn't this zinnia gorgeous?
My flower of the year!!

Sedum  ~ always welcomes Fall.

The farmer's almanac predict a long cold winter.
My brother burns wood for heat in the winter.

All this wood.
Cut, split and piled to dry.
I think he could win the Guinness World Record
for the longest cord. LOL
On the other side are props to keep the wind from blowing it over.
After drying, it is piled into the wood shed.

Italian tomatoes
for my  bruschetta

Autumn's bounty fills the trees with 
 food for us, birds and animals .

Honeycrisp apples
great for pies
MacIntosh Apples
great baking apples also.
The deer feast on fallen apples.

Food for the birds 

Homes for the birds.
A birthing place
in the Spring.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wonders Of The Woods

A walk in the woods in August.

The sounds of birds singing and chirping  
the fresh scent of evergreens, spruce trees,
 hemlock, cedar, juniper etc.  fill the air.
Finding berries and other wonders of nature.

One of my favourite things to do.

Sun shining bright
Lots of raspberries
Grow under a bush, low to the ground.

Could these be elderberries,
 I found growing in the woods this year?

Can anyone identify this berry/plant.
The 3 leaf tells me that maybe it's toxic.
Another shot of this pretty plant

I am not familiar with mushrooms in the woods.
Some are edible, not this one.

 Ornamental grasses

 Just a few of the many wonders of the woods.

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