Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Nasturtiums are annual flowers. 
They are very hardy for my region in Eastern Quebec. 
They were my Mom's favorite, She planted them every year.
Towards the fall, the flowers turn to seeds.
The seeds can be dried over the winter and planted directly in the ground the next Spring after the danger of frost is past. Nasturtiums can tolerate poorer soil. 
Perfect for edging, hanging baskets, and beautiful when grown in containers for a patio or balcony garden.
Nasturtium leaves and petals are edible and will add a spicy flavour and appealing colour to any salad.

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The seeds are visible on this plant.
In each pod, we could have 3 seeds.

These seeds were picked 1 day ago.

These seeds have been dried for a few weeks. They are ready for planting next year.

Varigated Leaf Nasturtium before flowering...

Some of my seed packages below

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