Monday, May 19, 2014

Terracotta Pots

Terra Cotta 
An Earth-friendly Pot
 made of a rich Tuscan clay (Italy), 
 bring out the best in your plants.
A natural balance of pH, water and oxygen
 keeps your plants at their healthiest.

My Pots

My favorite Pots
Thanks Carol for the  Mexican Painted Pot
Garage Sale find

 They add a decorative touch to my garden

A new pot this year. 
This one came from Walmart. 

Hen's and Chickens planted in these tiny pots. They survived a very Harsh Winter outside 
The hippo (chia pet) is happy among my pots.

I start my nasturtiums Flowers from seed
to see how I grow these flowers, click on flowers
A Strawberry Pot

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