Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beautiful Blue Glass

I am sharing my sister Annie's
 Blue Glass Collection.
Dating back to the 1960's to present day

From Wikipedia:
Cobalt glass—known as "smalt" when ground as a pigment—is a deep blue colored glass prepared by including a cobalt compound, typically cobalt oxide or cobalt carbonate, in a glass melt.

Vintage Wine Decanter with 6 glasses

Cobalt  Blue Glass

Blue Vases
Vintage Avon.......Oil / Vinegar Jars

On the right, Lamp Berger, France, missing a part of the top

Martha Stewart Cake Plate ~ Macy's Store. N.Y.
A gift from daughter Linda,~ Mother's Day 2014
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Roses of Inspiration
Blue Bottles

Milk Bottle

Vintage Bottles ~~Garage Sale 
 Bulbous Hooped Decanter Gurgle Bottle and
Stopper 21" Empoli, Italy
Westmount, Montreal,  1970's
 Bought separately a few yrs. between.
Wine Bottles come in Blue also

Latest Find ~ Sherbrooke, Que.

Bought at a Church Auction

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